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Speak With Confidence For Life

Become a confident speaker to eliminate social anxiety, feel more confident in your career, and build more meaningful relationships (with 3 simple steps)

Course Overview

Life time access to: 
Level 1 (6 Steps)
Vocal Exercise #1 & 2 (3 methods of conditioning the voice muscles).
Emotional Processing Exercise.

week 1.jpg

Level 2 (3 Steps)
Vocal Exercise #3 (3 methods of strengthening the voice).
Psychoanalysis referencing the work of Carl Jung to uncover the root cause.

week 3.jpg

Level 3 (3 Steps)
Vocal Exercise #4 & 5 (3 methods of releasing the chronic tension in the voice muscles permanently). 
Body psychotherapy exercises.


Access to a private facebook group for lifetime support.

Benefits of program

1. Release chronic tension in muscles that support the production of sound 
2. Strengthening of the muscles that support the production of sound 
3. Increased vocal range (high pitch and low pitch)
4. Greater vocal resonance (voice sounding more pleasant, rich and full)
5. Accent reduction

6. Clearer pronunciation
7. Increased tonal variations (expressing subtle joy or subtle frustration in the texture of the voice)
8. Louder volume
 & more pleasant sound
9. Reduced stutter
10. Improved overall speech and vocal power

As a result
11. Clearer communication
12. Increased assertiveness 
13. Increased ability to express joy
14. Increased ability to confront others as necessary and as appropriate
15. Faster more fluid speech 

16. Ability to recal words a vocabulary with ease
17. Reduced overthinking and being stuck in the head
18. Increased courage and joy in public speaking
19. Increased social confidence
20. Reduced resentment for other who tend to "dominate" conversations

21. Increased ability to handle any situation with more ease
22. Increased ability to persue more paths and options in life and expand limitations
23. increased ability to re-direct conversations before they go off track

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